2023 New York Book Fest Honorable Mention
2023 New England Book Fest Honorable Mention


James Rose


James Rose is an educational professional. A graduate of SUNY College at Cortland where he studied Physical Education and Columbia University, Teachers College where he furthered his knowledge about educational administration. Mr. Rose is a respected professional, teacher, coach, author, leader, administrator, presenter, consultant and expert witness.
He has worked for over 50 bosses in his 35 plus years as a professional. He has also worked for many other bosses during summers and holding jobs during his younger years. He has learned both positive and negative attributes of leadership along the way which has molded his own administrative style. He has supervised thousands of employees over the years, and has held many other leaderships positions to further the profession of education.
Jim has a family of four with two sons and has been an active volunteer emergency medical technician and firefighter for over 40 years. His lifelong mission is to help others. It is within that mission that he hopes that this book can assist a worker who works very hard each and every day, but who struggles with a particular boss, or one who is looking to get further insight into understanding the people within a workplace and/or just interested in gaining insight to the type of boss he/she may want to become.