2023 New York Book Fest Honorable Mention
2023 New England Book Fest Honorable Mention



BOSS is a working handbook that you should keep accessible at all times. If you are having trouble with a boss or just want to improve your relationship with your boss, this handbook is a great tool for you. It will help you:

• determine what type of a boss you are dealing with (or if you categorize your boss as a combination of types);
• review the dos and don’ts of each boss;
• identify the type of environment you are working in;
• make a decision on your plan of attack and establish a goal that you want to achieve;
• organize a plan of achievement focusing on your goal;
• work toward your goal, reviewing your plan regularly and consulting the book throughout the process as needed, and continue until you have achieved your goal;
• further or refine your plan as time goes on.